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Guava Recipes (Bayabas)

When we were kids we used to have a big garden thriving with lots of guava trees, we were lucky… Continue reading »


What is Santol?

Yesterday night, I was invited to a dinner in a friend’s house and upon arrival at their place  I was… Continue reading »


Avocado Milk Shake

It is always a big surprise for my foreign friends to learn that in Philippines Avocados are eaten primarily as… Continue reading »


Pork and Tofu Tausi

Filipinos are known  for having close family ties.  In our family for example to keep our bond alive : we… Continue reading »


Tocino (Filipino Pork Pineapple Bacon)

Filipinos love starting their day with a heavy meal in contrast to most europeans who take a rather light breakfast… Continue reading »


Dinuguan (Pork Blood Stew)

  My daughter just turned five years old few days ago and  I can’t believed my eyes how time flew… Continue reading »


Sampaloc (Tamarind)

  Sampaloc or Tamarind is one of the most abundant fruit tree growing in the Philippines.  They grow almost everywhere… Continue reading »


Fern Salad with Salted Egg

In my latest trip to Laguna last Summer via  Viaje del Sol (a project promoting collectively art, culture, food and… Continue reading »


Pancit Guisado (Pinoy Stir fry noodles)

No birthday’s or special celebration in the Philippines is complete without a Pancit on the table.  Inherited from the chinese… Continue reading »


Pork Dumplings & Pot Stickers

One of the most interesting discovery my friend and I did a year ago was exploring Manila’s Chinatown on foot… Continue reading »


Chicken Sotanghon (Chicken Noodle Soup)

Alas, the fiery summer heat is gone and rainy season is here!  We all love summer for its almost synonymous… Continue reading »


Carbonara ala Sharon Cuneta

I remember when I was a teenager the love team Sharon Cuneta-Gabby Concepcion was really my favorite followed by Maricel… Continue reading »


Chopseuy Express

In my recent trip to Hong kong, I finally realized how different is chinese foods we enjoy here in the… Continue reading »


Alugbati (Malabar Nightshade)

I’m not a vegetarian, but I love vegetables!  Thanks to my mom who flourished this “amour” for vegetables among us…. Continue reading »


Manila Clams

What’s in the name? I have always loved Manila clam because of its simplicity and versatility.  They go well with… Continue reading »


Bicol Express

Wanna ride a Bicol Express? When we speak about spicy Asian foods people would normally think of Thai, Indian or… Continue reading »


Vigan Empanada

Everytime I visit Vigan, Ilocos I never miss to eat their local specialty the Vigan Empanada.   Here’s a vigan… Continue reading »


Ginataang Langka / Jackfruit in Coconut Milk

Langka or Jackfruit is a widely cultivated fruit tree in the Southeast Asia that said to have originated in the… Continue reading »


Ginataang Kalabasa / Squash in Coconut Milk

Next to lechon this is one dish I often  had big cravings for when I’m abroad or far away from… Continue reading »


Filipino Lumpia

What’s your favorite lumpia? This is indeed another Fiipino comfort food, a childhood favorite of mine .  Who couldn’t resist… Continue reading »


Ampalaya Leaves/ Talbos ng Ampalaya

Filipinos are always been a fan of ampalaya!  A trip to Filipino markets will show the abundance of this vegetable…. Continue reading »