Food every so often intertwines with memories.

You open a box of chocolate and  it reminds you of your first kiss. You spoon a warm champorado  and it recalls summer breakfasts at Grandmoms. Savor your dirty ice-cream and you’ll remember your childhood instantly. Food awakens our senses, comforts it, heals and nourishes it.

Food has been an important part in my life. For one, I grew up and raised in a family that loves eating and cooking (with no particular order).  No doubt that it has been the number one reason of deaths in our kins (diabetes and heart-attack).  My dad has been my greatest hero both inside and outside the kitchen.  He was the one who bequeathed and inspire me the passion for art and cooking.  A not so typical dad, who does the cooking, cleaning the house, washing clothes, going the market in other words a bonafide house-husband.  A purist, traditional Pinoy gourmet who eats with his hands, one foot raised on the bench , shirtless :-) and eats with a lot of gusto no matter what is served on the table. The truth is,  I may have lived in different cities of the world but I will always come to Filipino food to find comfort and happiness. I truly miss my dad  and hopefully this blog I will find solace to those distant food memories I had with him.

This is my virtual journey of my Pinoy food obssesion  and my life and everything in between. Hop on and let’s eat!






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