Avocado Milk Shake

It is always a big surprise for my foreign friends to learn that in Philippines Avocados are eaten primarily as as a sweet stuff: as used in milkshakes or for making creamy sweet salad dessert contrary to most countries that are salty.  Although more and more Filipinos nowadays tend to consume avocados in savory salads with the growing influence of the outside world.  Come the month of June avocado are in full season.  It is normally the best time to buy them.

Avocados could come in two colors: the violet ones or green ones with the yellowish pulp inside.  When choosing avocados choose the one that have shiny skin and firm to the touch but not hard.Avoid buying avocados that are too soft as they tend to be overripe and mature.


1 kilo and half of avocados

half a cup of milk (evaporated milk)

4 to 5 tablespoons of  sweetened condensed milk

some crushed ice


Cut in two lengthwise the avocado, remove the seed and scoop out the pulp using the spoon.  Blend all the ingredients.  I like mine with still some big pieces of avocado I can munch.  Add more condensed milk as you want.




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  1. rojane July 24, 2012 at 7:32 pm Reply

    i just loooooove avocados! :*

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