Bistek Tagalog

What makes this dish special is the beautiful blending of kalamansi and soysauce.


1 kilo of beef (any part but better to use the tender part because this is not a slow long cooking beef dish)

half a glass of kalamansi juice (depending on the juicyness and size of your kalamansi) for overseas Filipino foodies you can replace this with a juice of one lemon and some lime zest for flavor)

1/4 cup of soy sauce

some cooking oil

2 big white onions sliced in ring style


In a salad bowl mix the kalamansi juice with soy sauce. Then in this marinade sauce put all the sliced beef. Let it marinade for about an hour. In a sautéeing pan , pour the cooking oil and fry lighlty each slice of beef. Do not cook for too long. Beef becomes rubbery when cook for too long. Fry each side of the sliced beef for about three minutes each side. Put back all the fried sliced beef on the pan and pour over the marinade sauce. Let it boil, then add the sliced onion rings and the cut the fire. Best served french fries or white rice.

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  1. joy October 11, 2010 at 5:12 pm Reply


    i want to cook different food that all meat together…. can you please help to make it.

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