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What is Atis? (Sugar Apple)

“An apple never falls far from the tree.” While parenthood may disburse an eternal joy, gratification and personal growth, it… Continue reading »


Pinoy Macaroons (Coconut Macaroons)

“Carry your childhood with you and you’ll never get older.” I grew up with three siblings.  We were different and… Continue reading »


Cassava Suman

I love dessert.  And who doesn’t anyway? In fact, It’s my favorite part of the meal and even so the… Continue reading »


Suman (Filipino Rice Dessert)

I really do not consider myself a hardcore nationalistic but when it comes to dessert I must admit I am… Continue reading »


Avocado Milk Shake

It is always a big surprise for my foreign friends to learn that in Philippines Avocados are eaten primarily as… Continue reading »

Mango Sago

Submitted by Muriel Justado Ingredients: * 2 ripe mangos * 1 cup of sago * Angel Kremdensada (all-purpose cream and… Continue reading »



Yema are custard candies we inherited from our Spanish colonizers of more than 300 years.  Have you ever wondered how… Continue reading »

Ice Candy

When summer comes I remember those childhood days that I would hurriedly collect coins from my parents cabinet to buy… Continue reading »

Refrigerator Chocolate Cake

Cooking shows are always a hit for Filipinos. Not only because we love eating and cooking. But also because we… Continue reading »

Fruit Salad

When summer comes fresh fruits are in season! Nothing beats a great day filled with a healthy delicious snack or… Continue reading »

Pinoy Donut (Bitso bitso)

This is definitely one of my favorite miryenda perfect with very cold softdrink. Our neighbor makes the best bitso bitso… Continue reading »

Chocolate Mousse

Choco Mousse

One of my favorite dessert. So easy to make, all you need is just a good bar of chocolate! Have… Continue reading »


Delicious when hot! Try this refreshing new twist I added up on this all time favorite filipino afternoon miryenda. Ingredients:… Continue reading »


Ginataang Halo-halo

During  summer vacations in  our family, next to Champorado, Ginataang Halo-Halo is our favorite afternoon snack.   This is a… Continue reading »



I have foreign friends who consistently ask me about the difference between a banana-cue and a turon. Although both dessert… Continue reading »



No fiesta in our family passes by without this delicious filipino kakanin dessert.  For the newbies of this Filipino dessert… Continue reading »



Philippines is truly a banana republic.  And why is this so?  Well because of tons of banana varieties we can… Continue reading »

Mango Ginumis

Philippines is highly known for their mangoes. They are sweet and golden. Perfectly eaten fresh or we can make them… Continue reading »

Banana Cake

Growing up in Banana Republic, we all have our childhood memories of banana eating.  From Banana que to banana con… Continue reading »

Kababayan Recipe

This is my own version of Kababayan a filipino style muffins. Ingredients: 3 eggs 250 g of all flour 200… Continue reading »


This is originally a Majorcan brioche, a giant rolled brioche that’s totally filipinized to our palate. With butter, sugar and… Continue reading »

Pineapple Jam

This is perfect with pandesal and hot coffee in the morning or spread over on your hot pancakes. Ingredients: 1… Continue reading »

Sans Rival

Without rival!! Is it French dessert or not? Definitely not. Sans rival may have a french name but this gorgeous… Continue reading »


However you write it….this a great afternoon snack. For the brioche 4 cups all- purpose flour 4 eggs, beaten 2… Continue reading »