Daing na Bangus

This is one of my favorite breakfast during weekends.  Paired up with a garlic rice and tomato salad absolutely delicious!


3 big bangus (milkfish)

*the best ones are Bangus from Pangasinan

Rock salt

1 big whole garlic

1 cup of vinegar

Black pepper crushed


Start by cleaning the bangus.  You can either request in the market for them to clean your bangus and have it cut or do it yourself.  If you will have to do it yourself; start by washing the fish with a clear running water.  Cut the fish from the head to the tail using a sharp knife in order to make a butterfly style cut on the fish.  The belly of the fish should be facing the cutting table and the knife should touch the back of the fish.  Open the bangus wide and take off all the innards including the gills.  You don’t need to scale the bangus.  Wash it again with clear running water, rub it with salt to clean of all the impurities and to take off the stingy odor. Put all your bangus in a deep bowl put about a teasepoon of rocksalt, a teasepoon of cracked pepper, pound all the garlic and pour your vinegar.  Cover it and put it in the fridge.  It is better to fry them the next day.

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