Filipino Lumpia

What’s your favorite lumpia?

This is indeed another Fiipino comfort food, a childhood favorite of mine .  Who couldn’t resist to its crispy golden brown wrapper that reveals its filling in every bite.  Filipino lumpia or Pinoy springroll is of Chinese origin derived from the Hokkien word lunpia.  Our chinese neighbors may have brought these dish along with them when they settled in Southeast Asian region.  In Philippines, lumpia could be fried or fresh and fillings vary from meat, fish, shrimps or vegetables.  No parties is complete without our delicious lumpia shanghai or lumpia hubad.  Fried lumpia are best eaten when they have just been fried.  These are the varities of Pinoy lumpia or springroll:

Lumpia Sariwa/ Fresh Lumpia

Lumpia Hubad/Naked Springroll

Lumpia Shanghai

Lumpia Prito

When I was a student in college back then, I remember I would eat fried lumpia everyday for dinner after school as there is no more carinderia open late at night in our street.  In honor of those days, Im sharing this delicious and easy recipe of fried lumpia:


1 kilo of bean sprouts (toge)

1 carrot (sliced in julienne strips)

1 sweet potato (sliced in julienne strips)

1 big white onion

1 tofu (diced)

about 250 g of shrimps ( deveined and remove the shells)

salt, pepper,

2 tablespoons of fish sauce /patis

lumpia wrapper about 20 pieces

cooking oil


In a pan, start first by preparing the fillings.  Put a little bit of oil then sauté the onions, shrimps and tofu.  Then add the vegetables (bean sprouts, carrots and sweet potato). Put some salt, pepper and fish sauce to taste.  Add a little bit of water just to avoid sticking of the vegetables on the pan.  Cook for about five minutes.  Set them aside.  Separate one by one and delicately the rice paper wrapper.  Get one rice paper and work on a clean surface.  On the bottom part of the edge of the wrapper put a scoop of your cooked vegetable filling.  wr one side of the edge of the wrapper scoop the cooked vegetable filling  then gently fold right and left edge and roll first the filled side towards the other end.  Seal it with some water.  Deep fry until golden brown;  Serve them with your favorite  spicy vinegar sauce.

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