Ginataang Langka / Jackfruit in Coconut Milk

Langka or Jackfruit is a widely cultivated fruit tree in the Southeast Asia that said to have originated in the rainforest of India.  This fruit is widely used in curries in India while in Philippines this is a versatile fruit that we cook when it is unripe as a delicious dish and when ripe we used this in making desserts.  Even more interesting, the seeds of jackfruits are also cooked and boiled and are perfect snack to enjoy like edamame.

In the province of Samar, my grand-mother would always cook her langka dish with some dried fish and it’s truly unforgetably delicious.  So if you are lucky to have some  in your kitchen do not forget to add it in this dish.  Otherwise shrimps or meat would also do well with langka :-)


about half a kilo of unripe jackfruit meat

1 cup of coconut milk

1 to 2 pieces of dried fish

salt, pepper

3 cloves of garlic

cooking oil

chili pepper (optional)


In a sauce pan, put some cookign oil and sauté the garlic.  Add the jackfruit and continue cooking for another three minutes.  Then pour the coconut milk and put the dried fish on the top and cover.  Simmer over low fire for about fifteen to twenty minutes.  Stir and taste, you can add some salt, pepper and fish sauce (patis) if necessary.  The chili pepper is also optional.  You can add it on the top before serving.  Best eaten with steamed rice.  Kain na!

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