Ginisang Munggo

This is my dad’s secret recipe.

In Philippines it is common to eat ginisang munggo and paksiw na bangus on Fridays. I have tasted diferent version of this dish , but I assure you this version of my dad is the best.


1 cup of mongo or mungo beans

1 cup of ampalaya leaves ( you can replace this with kangkong if you want)

one pack of chicharon laman

4 pieces of tinapang galungong

2 tablespoons of patis (nuocnam or fish sauce)

250 g of shrimps (tails and head removed)

250 of pork cut in cubes

3 cloves of garlic

1 onion sliced

3 tomatoes cut in cubes

some cooking oil

2 liters of water for cooking the mongo beans or munggo

salt and pepper



Start first by cooking the munggo beans. You can use a pressure cooker, a crock pot or any deep casserole. Put the washed munggo beans and water. Cover and bring to boil. Cook your munggo beans for at least two hours to be sure of its softness. In a separate casserole put some cooking oil and sauté your garlic, onions and tomatoes. Ad your pork and shrimps. Then add your tinapa meat (you need to shread the tinapa with your hands removing the fishbones, heads and tails). Pour your munggo on this casserole and let this simmer for another fifteen minutes. Put your fish sauce, salt and pepper. Add your ampalaya leaves and chicharon, cover and turn off the fire.

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  3. Irene October 11, 2012 at 10:49 am Reply

    I’m Malaysian….i want to know is chicharon laman and also tinapang galungong? I want to try myself this recipe. Before this i did try eating mongo cooked by my husband (he’s a filipino) i like it so much. Out of the blue i been thinking of eating this again,…my husband is oversea so now i want to coook it but i don’t what the of above words. please translate. Thank you.

    • Hilda October 17, 2012 at 3:00 am Reply

      Tinapa is smoked fish,so if you have similar smoked fish in Malaysia that would be great substitute. On the otherhand, chicharon are pork fat cracklings you can also make that up. Just need to get a good deal of pork fat boil it then fry :-)

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