Lechon Kawali

Filipino food are always said to be high in calories.  And everytime I think of these sinful dishes I always think of Lechon Kawali or Bagnet to Ilocano.  During my last vacation to Vigan, I was lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy their local delicacies and specially bagnet.  I know it is not so good for our health but sometimes we can allow ourselves to have little bit of this joy! Anyways, I tried to compensate it by running an for few minutes :-) Lechon Kawali is a dish that is very easy to do and is so practical to re-use for other recipes;  So when, you cook your recipe be sure to cook in bulk and save the rest in tight containers.  you can Use them as toppings for ginisang munggo (sauteed lentils), pinakbet, tokwa and a lot more.  So I’m sharing everyone my neighbor’s special lechon kawali recipe.  Enjoy!


about 1 to 3 kilos of liempo

1 head of garlic (pound it)

1 tablespoon of peppercorn

1 tablespoon of salt

5 laurel leaves


1 cup of sprite (optional)

Oil for frying


In a big casserole put your cleaned liempo (pork with fat) then rub it with rock salt and peppercorn and pounded garlic.  Then add the bay leaves (laurel leaves), sprite and water.  The liempo should be completely submerged in water.  Boil over medium fire for about an hour or more until the pork is tender.  Get the pork and let it rest to completely dry it from water.  You can use the pork broth in making soup or cooking your noodles.  Then in a deep frying pan (you can use a casserole) fill it with cooking oil.  Warm this up.  When the oil starts to become quiet, it means its ready;  Put your pork and fry until golden brown. It could take between ten to fifteen minutes depending on the size of your pork.  Put it in a strainer after frying to drip all the oil.  Chop it at your desired pieces and served with ready made lechon sauce or simply soysauce-vinegar chili sauce.  Kain na!



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