Pancit Guisado (Pinoy Stir fry noodles)

No birthday’s or special celebration in the Philippines is complete without a Pancit on the table.  Inherited from the chinese immigrants in the Philippines Pancit signifies long life and longevity.  Whether  a big or small celebration pancit will definitely be the star on the table.  Pancit or Pansit (noodles) comes in different form: the rice noodles (Bihon) or the Canton (egg noodles).  Although vegetable based Pancit Canton also exist (Malunggay or Squash) in the supermarket today for a much healthier packed noodles.  Each family has their own recipe of Pancit that they would cook only on this momentous gathering.  Eating pancit is something truly Filipino , why did I say so?  Firstly, Filipinos could eat pancit three times a day; for breakfast, lunch, dinner or sometimes even for snacks.  Secondly, Filipinos love eating Pancit with something else, like steamed rice, pandesal or puto.  I know that is double carbohydrates but we love it that way!


Half a kilo of Pancit (Bihon or Canton)  approximately for 5-6persons

6 gloves of garlic, crushed

1 big onion chopped

some cooking oil

2 boiled chicken breast, shredded

100 g of pork boiled, cut in cubes

10 pieces of shrimps (suaje)

2 big carrots, peeled and cut in julienne

1 big onion leeks, chopped

half a medium sized cabbage, sliced thinly

150 g of baguio beans (, sides removed and sliced)

chicken+ pork stock

salt, pepper, some soy sauce

kinstay (chopped) optional


Start by preparing the stock.  In a big casserole put the chicken breast and pork filled it with water and let it boil until the meat are tender.  Set aside the stock the chicken and the pork.  When the chicken is no longer hot to handle shred the chicken meat using your hands.  Cut the pork in cubes.  Get a big sauce pan put the pork and cover it.  This portion is called sankutsa, after few minutes you will see the fat from the pork melting.  You will fry the pork in its own fat.  You can add some more oil if you wish so.  Once the pork are brown and golden on the surface, remove it from the oil.  On the same oil put the garlic, the onions and the vegetables, stir fry the vegetables.  Put some salt and pepper.  Then put back the pork, chicken and the shrimps.  You can also add other ingredients not mentioned in the recipes like kikiam, fishball or squidball.  Continue cooking for the five minutes until the shrimps are cooked.  Turn off the fire.  Put back the chicken and pork stock in the casserole let it boil .  Then add your pancit (canton or bihon) and let it cook in the stock.  You can add some soy sauce to taste and pepper.  Once the stock has been absorbed by the pancit add half of the stir fried vegetables on the pancit.  Cut the fire, serve it immediately on a big serving dish, top it with the rest of the vegetables, some kintsay.  Enjoy this with a slice of kalamansi.


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