Pork and Tofu Tausi

Filipinos are known  for having close family ties.  In our family for example to keep our bond alive : we make it a tradition to find time to dine outside together or to just prepare a simple meal at home once a month even if we are all grown-ups married and with kids.  This is always a good way to catch up on our chit-chat over our lives, success, worries over a good meal.  My youngest sister who’s still single and is not very keen to cooking but loves eating is the guest of  honor for our simple lunch at home this weekend.  As I am the hostess, I thought of preparing her favorite since we were kids, that is Pork Tofu and Tausi. This is actually tokwa’t baboy level up :-)  If you want to put a twist on your normal tokwa’t baboy try this dish!

The recipe is good for 3 to 4 servings


3/4 kilo of pork belly (good deal of meat and fat)

4 small blocks of tofu

some cooking oil for frying tofu

3 tablespoons of cooking oil

2 tablespoons of tausi or black beans

2 tablespoons of chopped kintsay

1 long green chili sliced

3 gloves of garlic

1 small onion sliced

a thumbsized ginger, peeled and sliced

4 tablespoons of vinegar

3 tablespoons of soy sauce


In a frying pan pour some vegetable cooking oil.  When the oil becomes really hot (oil is really quiet) put gently your tofu and fry on both sides until golden brown.  Set them aside and let it cool.  when its ready sliced them.  Slice also the pork into bite size pieces.  Get your sauce pan and add two to three tablespoons of cooking oil.  Put the ginger, garlic and onion, saute until they get wilted;  Add the pork and cook them while mixing for about 5 to 7 minutes.  Then add the sliced tofu and and black beans continue mixing.  Pour half a glass of water , cover and let it simmer for about 7 more minutes.  Put the soy sauce and vinegar, then taste the sauce.  You can add some more soy sauce if it still need more saltiness but the black beans normally is a bit salty.  When the meat is tender, add the chopped kintsay and chili and served immediately.


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    thanks for this post. i will try cooking now :)

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