Sinigang na Bangus sa Bayabas

This is one of my favorite way to cook Bangus specially during rainy season.


1 big Bangus (cut into serving portion)

  *Remember that Bangus for sinigang should have their scales removed.

1 cup of Sweet potato (Kamote) leaves

2 siling haba (finger chili)

1 cup of ripe guava (peeled) or you can use one sachet of guava sinigang mix available

1 red onion cut into two

salt & pepper

one liter of water


You would never imagine that cooking this dish is so simple.  Start by pouring the water in a deep casserole.  Turn on the stove at a high flame. Let it boil. Once it reached its boiling point lower the fire. Then  add the onion and the peeled guava.  Cover and let it cook for about ten minutes.  Once the guavas are tender, get them from the casserole and put them in a deep bowl.  With the aid of fork crush the cooked guava.  You can add about two laddle of hot water from the casserole.  Using a strainer, filter the pressed guava meat and seeds.  Try to recover all the guava juice and flavor.  Pour this back on the casserole.  Put the bangus, sweet potato leaves and siling haba. Let it boil for about five minutes.  Add salt and turn of the fire. 

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