Sinigang na Santol (Santol Soup)

Sinigang na Santol or Santol Soup is not really the traditional way of cooking this Filipino comforting dish.  But when santol season comes in the Philippines and Santol is abundant using this fruit for this delicious dish is worth trying.  I have a friend who showed me on how they cook sinigang na santol in their family using salmon and it was really fantastic! I was thinking of making the dish he taught me using Bonesless Bangus or milkfish but I had not time to go to the market and to buy some.  Good thing I always have some  frozen pork on the fridge and was able to try his recipe of Sinigang na Santol.

This is truly the versatility of sinigang recipe is that you could be creative and inventive!  If you have salmon or bangus this recipe is perfect!


1 kilo of santol, peeled and cut in halves

1 kilo of pork belly or liempo cut in big chunks

* if you have salmon or bangus you can replace the pork

a bunch of kangkong or talbos ng kamote (kamote tops)

some okra or gumbo

2 eggplants, sliced

1 onion, peeled and quartered

2 tomatoes, quartered

two tablespoons of cooking oil

salt, and fish sauce to taste


In a casserole put your cooking oil , then sauté briefly onions and tomatoes.  Fry them briefly for about 2 minutes then pour in your water about two to three cups.  If you have hugas bigas (water from washing rice) you can use them.  Cover and let it boil.  Once they boil add your meat , some salt and fish sauce to taste.  Cover and let it simmer for ten minutes.  After ten minutes add your santol and taste the soup.  Cover and lower the fire and let it continue to simmer for another ten minutes.  Check from time to time.  Add your vegetables and let it simmer for another five minutes.  Taste the soup if it needs some more salt.  If you will be using fish like salmon or bangus.  You will have to add them at the same time you add the vegetables as they cook more quickly than meat.  Enjoy!

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