Sizzling Hilabos Hipon (Pan Fried Shrimps)

Let’s admit it, we are living now in fast paced society that mother’s job is not only confined to raising children and running the house as more and more Filipino mom’s  play an imporant role in the labor force. Countless moms find themselves working in almost any fields successfully nowadays.  Wearing two hats is never an easy task, so cooking sometimes could be a big task for our moms to accomplish.  As busy mother, we are always in a constant search for healthy and easy recipes to cook.

Here is one of my favorite Filipino recipe for cooking shrimps.  Hilabos or Halabos is a stir fry dish for cooking shrimps.  You can use small or big shrimps for this recipe.  Suahe is the best type of shrimp you can use for this recipe as they are much sweeter and flavorful.  I normally buy my shrimps in the market during weekend, clean and deveined them and freeze them in Ziplock plastic bags  ready for use anytime when I am busy.

You can make this version spicy if you want and eat with lots of steamed rice.  Enjoy!


1 kilo of shrimps (suahe or gambas)

* for this recipe I used medium sized suaje and removed the shells entirely for easy eating.

2 tablespoons of chopped garlic

1 teaspoon of curry powder

2 tablespoons of kalamansi juice or lemon juice

some cooking oil

salt and pepper

some parsley for decoration


In a bowl, mix the cooking oil about 3 tablespoons with salt, pepper, curry powder; mix them well and add your shrimps.  Let it marinate for about thirty minutes.  Get a frying pan and put some more cooking oil and fry your shrimps.  Cook them for about five minutes or until shrimps have changed color, turn off the fire.  If you want a spicy version put a tablespoon of tabasco or a pinch of cayenne powder.  Decorate with chopped parsely before serving.

You can serve this dish on sizzling hot plate if you have at home.

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