Suman (Filipino Rice Dessert)

I really do not consider myself a hardcore nationalistic but when it comes to dessert I must admit I am a big fan of Kakanin or Filipino Desserts.  I won’t deny loving  chocolate cakes,  creme brulée and other pattisseries  but I melt and would easily give in to much humbleer and less fancy Filipino desserts.  I owe this affection for kakanin to my dad who adores filipino desserts.  And when it comes to Kakanin one thing we always enjoy eating at home is Suman.  Suman is a dessert of sticky rice wrapped and cooked in banana leaves.  Nothing beats a freshly made suman with sweet golden mangoes to pair with and hot salabat (ginger tea) .  There are different types of suman to enjoy: there is Suman sa Ibos , sticky rice wrapped in buri or palm trees then cooked in coconut milk.  There is also Suman sa Lihiya, lye water wrapped in banana leaves.  Suman sa lihiya are light green in color as the color of the banana leaves colored the sticky rice.  This suman is specialty in the provinces of Tanay and Antipolo in Rizal often enjoy with sauce made from coconut millk.  In Visayas Suman is known as budbud kabog, they are using millet or type of a cereal.

This is a recipe from my Grandmom :-)

Sticky Rice in Banana Leaves Approximately 15 to 20 packets


2 1/2 cups of glutinous rice (malagkit)

1 teaspoon of salt

half a cup of white sugar

3 cups of coconut milk

banana leaves for wrapping


Start by washing the rice.  Then put the rice in a basin add some water until they are completely submerged and let it soak overnight.  The next day drain well the rice.  In a large wok or talyasi pour the coconut milk, rice, stir in sugar and salt and cook over low fire while stirring constantly.  The idea is to make it dry.  It is ideal to cook over low fire to avoid burning and sticking the rice on the wok.  Once the mixture is completely dry cover it with a banana leaves, then turn the fire and let it rest for a while.  When the rice have cooked and cooled down, scoop 2 tablespoons of cooked rice on your wilted banana leaves and wrapped.    Once they are all completely wrapped place them in a rice cooker and cook for about ten more minutes.  You can add a little water to avoid burning your rice cooker.  You can also cook this in a steamer if you dont have a rice cooker.


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