Tilapiang Pangat


5 to 6 pieces of tilapia

some rock salt

one cup of kamias or tamarind (you can replace this with sinigang mix)

one cup of whole tomatoes

half a liter of water

1 tablespoon of cooking oil

some patis (fish sauce)


Start by cleaning your Tilapia. Cut a small slit close to the fish pectoral, from this pull out all the gills and fish’ intestines. Rub some rock salt inside and outside. Wash with clean running water. Pat it dry with paper towel and put about one teaspoon of salt. In your deep casserole put the clean tilapia, tomatoes and kamias. Add the water, cover and let it simmer gently over low fire. At the first boil fetch all the tomatoes and kamis and put them in a separate bowl. With the help of a fork press them altogether and pour them back in the casserole. Add some patis or fish sauce to taste.

You can also replace tilapia with other fishes like Galungong (Mackerel Scad), Sapsap (pony fish) or Salinyasi (Sardines).

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