Tuna Sinigang

A soup dish easy to make but will definitely create wonders. You just need to find the freshest ingredients for this recipe!


half a kilo of tuna (you can use the head part if you want)

half a cup of kamias (you can replace this with tamarind or sampaloc)

2 tomatoes quartered

1 onion quartered

2 siling haba or chili fingers

about half a cup of mustasa leaves

one liter of water



When you buy your tuna head you can ask the fish vendor to cut it for you.  Clean them with fresh running water put some salt.  In a casserole pour the water and add the kamias, onion and tomatoes. Cover and let this boil for about thirty minutes.  As soon as the kamias are cooked you can get them and put them in a bowl.  Add some water juice from your casserole and press it using your fork. Filter this and put all the gathered juice in the boiling casserole.  Add your tuna fish and cover.  Lower the fire and let this simmer for another ten minutes.  Put some salt to taste.  Put the mustasa leaves and siling haba.  Cover and cut the fire.

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