Filipinos are born food lovers.  Is it because of our beautiful climate that blessed our archipelago with bountiful ingredients? Or is it our rich cultural heritage (Spanish, Chinese, American, Malay, etc) that concocted us a delicious blending of Filipino cooking? I guess it’s both.

But one thing for sure, Filipinos will always be happy if there is good food and a good company.  We may have tasted world’s delightful goodies but it is always our mom’s and grandma’s cooking we are looking for. We maybe in the desert (abstained from pork) or up in the cold North or probably living dangerously in a ship liner, Filipinos would do everything to give in to their Filipino food cravings.  Sinigang, adobo, or pansit, just pop those magic words and they’ll immediately salivate and wished they are back home.

Filipino food is as colorful as our jeepneys, as colorful as our lives.  We all have our own stories to tell, our own recipes to share. Every bite of it is tinted with beautiful experience that shaped each one of us.  Unfortunately, very little is known about Filipino cuisine and it is high-time that the world discovers the wonders of Filipino cooking. Filipino Food Store hopes to promote Filipino food across the world.

This site all about Filipino food, eating and everything in between.  * Kain na po tayo :-)

*Let’s eat


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