Carbonara ala Sharon Cuneta

I remember when I was a teenager the love team Sharon Cuneta-Gabby Concepcion was really my favorite followed by Maricel Soriano-William Martinez.  My friends and I would sneaked out after classes to watch in movie houses for their latest flicks while eating Dunkin Donuts :-) Well those were the days of my simple teenage life.  Few weeks ago while cleaning our living room I saw a magazine that talks about Sharon Cuneta and her passion for cooking. So I’m sharing one of her specialties.  Although Carbonara is not very Filipino Sharon Cuneta is indeed 100% part of the  Pinoy Pop Culture!


1 pack of pasta (500 g serves 4 persons)

150 of pancetta or bacon

a cup of mushrooms

1 pack of all purpose cream

6 egg yolks

salt, pepper,

some olive oil

about half a cup of grated parmesan cheese or pecorino

First of all, cook the pasta as package indication.   Meanwhile, ,in a frying pan warm the olive oil then fry the bacon or pancetta until it’s crisp and golden.  Then set them aside. On the same pan fry the mushrooms, set aside.  In a bowl whisk your 6 egg yolks with your parmesan or pecorino cheese and all purpose cream.  Add a little bit of salt and pepper.  Fold in the cooked mushrooms. When the pasta is cooked, drain them quickly, leaving a little bit of water with it to add some moisture in your carbonara. Put back the frying pan with bacon, then pour your drained pasta, mix well.  The pour in the cream mushroom cheese sauce.  Mix them well then cut the fire to avoid over cooking your yolks.  You can top it with some more grated cheese.

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