Tokwa’t Baboy

I still remember my last week’s conversation with a foreign friend while dining in a restaurant: “that I consider Filipinos as French in Asia”. We love to eat and we love eating anything :-)  I explained to him how we can be so innovative and practical with different parts of fowl or a pig maybe.  We hate to put things to waste, so we cook almost anything.  This is one dish I shared to him that make use of pig’s ears, cheeks and almost everything you find on the face .  Enjoy!



1 block of big fresh tofu

3/4 kilo of pork (face part, you can take some ears and cheeks)

3 pieces of shallots chopped

1 thumbsize ginger minced

1/4 cup of vinegar

1 teaspoon of vinegar

3 tablespoon of soysauce (toyo)

5 pieces of hot chili pepper (siling labuyo) optional

salt, pepper

one cup of cooking oil


In a deep casserole pour one liter of water add your pork and add some rock salt.  Cover and let it boil for about thirty minutes.  With an aid of a fork check the tenderness of your pork.  After forty five minutes your pork is ready.  You can keep the pork broth in making some soup or for cooking noodles.  Get your pork and cut them in cubes once it has completely cooled off then set it aside.  In another casserole, pour your cooking oil and let it warm up.  Slice your fresh tofu of about 2 centimeter thickness each and deep fry them.  They should be golden brown.  Better to deep fry them to avoid sticking and breaking your tofu.  Cook them gently for about seven minutes each side.  It will depend on how hot your pan is.  Let them cool and dry in a paper towel.  Once it has completely cooled off, cut them in cubes. In a bowl mix the vinegar, soysauce, chopped ginger and shallots together.  Add sugar,salt and pepper to taste.  Put your cut pork and tofu.  Toss them well.  Perfect as a side dish with a hot porridge or eat is as a pulutan.

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