Chicken Sotanghon (Chicken Noodle Soup)

Alas, the fiery summer heat is gone and rainy season is here!  We all love summer for its almost synonymous with vacation and beaches. But rainy season could also be something to look forward too!  In a country where 35°Celsius is common a cold air with some drizzle could be refreshing from time to time.  And during rainy nothing beats the lousy weather outside with a hot comforting soup.  One of the soup we love to cook in the afternoon snack during rainy season is Sotanghon.  Although instant sotanghon soup is readily available in the supermarket today; a good way to feed your sotanghon cravings when you have them and you don’t have time, but still nothing beats the real Chicken Sotanghon our grandmoms and moms cook.  Enjoy!


1 pack of sotanghon noodles (glass noodles) about 250 g

4 gloves of garlic pounded

1 big onion sliced

half a chicken

2 bay leaves

1 big carrot, peeled , cut in julienne

half head of a cabbage, sliced

2 boiled eggs

1 teaspoon of atsuete seeds + 2 tablespoons of water

cooking oil

salt, pepper



In a casserole, put the half chicken, bay leaves and water.  The chicken should submerged in your water.  Cover and let it boil for about 35 minutes.  During the first boiling of the water lower the fire and let the chicken simmer gently into the water.  Once the chicken is tender, stop cooking get the chicken and set aside the stock.  Once the chicken is cold enough pick the chicken meat to separate from the bones. Set aside the chicken meat.  Then get a deep casserole, put some cooking oil and fry the garlic and onion.  Once they are wilted add the carrots and chicken.  Pour the chicken stock and let it boil.  Add the sotanghon noodles.  Salt, pepper to taste.  Add the annato seeds water for coloring.  Turn off the fire then add the cabbage and cover it.  Serve very hot with some puto or pandesal.

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